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Tobias is a Jewish book of the Apocrypha preserved in two Greek versions. The original language was Hebrew or Aramaic, as in fragments of the book found at Qumran among the Dead Sea fragments. It was probably written in the 5th or 4th century B.C. perhaps in Media.

It tells the story of the pious Tobias, an Israelite of the tribe of Naphtali, taken in captivity to Nineveh in Assyria. His piety and righteous deeds bring him suffering. Having buried a dead man he becomes impure and goes blind (2:7-10). He accuses his wife Anna of theft, they quarrel, and Tobias wishes to die. At the same time the righteous Sarah prays for death because each of her previous seven husbands has been killed by the demon Asmodeus on their wedding night (3:7-8). Tobias's son, Tobias, aided by the angel Raphael, drives away Asmodeus, marries Sarah and restores Tobias' wealth and eyesight. The idea that the righteous, even though they may be first scourged, are eventually rewarded by God, is reiterated several times (11:15; 13:2, 5). Tobias' pious and righteous behavior is rewarded by the recovery of his money, the healing of his blindness, the marriage of his son Tobias to Sarah and the grandsons subsequently born.

Through the personal tragedies and blessings of Tobias and Sarah, the author stresses God's concern for his people (3:2-5, 16-17). As Tobias was scourged and then enjoyed God's mercy, so "he will scourge us for our iniquities, and will have mercy again, and will gather us out of all nations, among whom he has scattered us" (13:5). God shall restore the people from their exile, rebuild the Temple and Jerusalem, and all nations will fear God (14:5-6).

The book was included in the Septuagint and in the Vulgate canon.
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