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1 Esdras

1 Esdras is a book from the Septuagint translation of the Old Testament regarded as canonical in Eastern and Oriental Orthodoxy, but regarded as apocryphal by Jews, Catholics, and most Protestants. It is listed among the Apocrypha in Article VI of the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England. It is similar to the Book of Ezra, but under a different arrangement and with 99 additional verses, which include a polished conclusion that the much shorter Ezra lacks. In Roman Catholicism, following the numbering of the Vulgate, 3 Esdras refers to the book known in the Septuagint and by English-speaking Protestants as 1 Esdras.

The work describes the final years of the First Temple, from the Passover celebration of King Josiah to the destruction of the Temple (1:1-55). Chapter 2 relates the edict of Cyrus and the first return of Jews to Jerusalem, their work on the new Temple and the problems encountered (2:1-25). Then comes the legend of Zerubbabel, followed by the preparations for the return of the Babylonian exiles, their arrival in Jerusalem and the reconstruction of the Temple (3:1-7:15). The last chapters center around Ezra's activities and his reading of the Law in Jerusalem (8:1-9:55).

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